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We are building a portfolio of outstanding businesses. We use our technical, business, and marketing abilities to grow and improve them.

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Our team has over 15 years experience with the world wide web and its various technologies.

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We strive to add value in all endeavours with our clients and investors.

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If you are a business owner looking to sell, please conact us. We will help with every step of the process.

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We can help structure your business sale and get the deal done. If its not a fit we will let you know quickly.

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Website negotiation and buying process

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We get questions about what the actual process is to purchase a website (and many sellers are confused since this dates back to the origins of mergers and acquisitions). It’s a business like any other; the typical process applies for purchasing. For this example, we are going to use a broker scenario where they are […]

Sep 22,2017No Comments

Keyword research for a website

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When purchasing a website, you want to have free traffic from search engines (organic traffic). To see what kind of traffic that is, we want to determine what keywords the site ranks for. There are buying keywords and just research keywords. Having a nice mix of both is great, but the money is when people […]

Aug 30,2017No Comments

Check Backlinks of a Web Property

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Backlinks are one of the highest ranking factors in Google and many other search engines. These are links to your site (or the website you are going to purchase) from an outside site. They often have anchor text, which is the part of the URL that explains what the link is. The better the site […]

Aug 4,2017No Comments