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Our goal is to purchase great web based businesses. We can quickly tell you if it is something interesting or point you in the right direction to someone else that can help. We have been in the I.T. and business world for over 20 years and can help with almost anything. Let’s have a quick chat and see what we can help you with.

More Money

Selling a business directly often ends up with more money to the seller (and with flexible options). We don’t charge a commission to a seller since we are direct buyers.


Keep your interest in selling the business private. We don’t blast out your business details to the public.

Easy Transactions

We are professionals and want to have an easy transaction. We can work through any problems that might pop up.

No Hassle Transfers

We are technology enthusiasts and can transfer your business (if you want to sell it) quickly and easily.

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How do I sell an online business?

If you are interested in selling your web property (online business), there are quite a few considerations. The top ones are: Is my business ready for a sale? How do I find a buyer? What about scammers or competitors stealing my ideas? Should I use a broker, and who?...

Website negotiation and buying process

We get questions about what the actual process is to purchase a website (and many sellers are confused since this dates back to the origins of mergers and acquisitions). It's a business like any other; the typical process applies for purchasing. For this example, we...

Keyword research for a website

When purchasing a website, you want to have free traffic from search engines (organic traffic). To see what kind of traffic that is, we want to determine what keywords the site ranks for. There are buying keywords and just research keywords. Having a nice mix of both...

Check Backlinks of a Web Property

Backlinks are one of the highest ranking factors in Google and many other search engines. These are links to your site (or the website you are going to purchase) from an outside site. They often have anchor text, which is the part of the URL that explains what the...

Domain Name Tools

What are the tools that we can use to check domain name information and its history? This is important so we can see where the domain has been, how many times it's moved around (hosting companies) and how long it's actually been in service. We can also research who...

How to price a SaaS business for sale

There is a great blog from a VC at Redpoint by Tomasz Tunguz. In it he discusses every kind of SaaS business you can think of. He has a great article that analyses pricing over the last six years (read more). The large trend in SaaS is about a 3-4 times multiple of...

How to setup DNS redundancy on your website

Most websites have their domain name DNS connected with whoever they bought the domain from. So for instance if you use GoDaddy for your domain name, they also host the DNS. Just to clarify, DNS is what maps your domain name ( to an IP address that your...

Quick tips on using Google Analytics

GA or Google Analytics is a great resource for any business owner. The amount of useful reporting and analysis that can come out of the platform is staggering. Many businesses are not using even a small percentage of the power of GA, so let's discuss a couple things...