Who We Are

Approbo Technologies is a consulting and business acquisition partner. We are always looking for great web properties to purchase.

We are also available for web purchase consulting. Are you purchasing a web property and overwhelmed with items such as Due Diligence? We can help.

Contact us today and we can talk about your business


What things does Approbo look for in a business?

  1. Must not be a fad based business – demand would continue for the foreseeable future
  2. Business must have room for growth – Niche based businesses are great, but the niche should have room for expansion
  3. Must have a competitive advantage or unique selling point –  If it’s difficult to enter or there is some business protection
  4. The product or service must have a high gross margin – This varies of course
  5. It must be profitable or break-even – We are not interested in businesses that are losing money
  6. Business should have some sort of built-in demand or a real “need” for the product or service
  7. The business’ products/services must not compete solely on price
  8. Database of past customers and purchase history preferable
  9. Domain name must be easy on the eyes (this is very subjective, so let’s talk first) and not include a trademark (unless you have written approval from the owner)


Typically we are not interested in:

  • Amazon FBA businesses that sell the same products as others. Exceptions are if there is a unique branded product that is hard to duplicate
  • Strictly IOS and Android applications – there must always be a web component to the business
  • Anything tied to a specific location (warehouses are OK if they can be easily re-located or operated remotely)
  • Baby, Female only, or Beauty/Hair
  • Completely outside the US businesses