If you are interested in selling your web property (online business), there are quite a few considerations.

The top ones are:

  • Is my business ready for a sale?
  • How do I find a buyer?
  • What about scammers or competitors stealing my ideas?
  • Should I use a broker, and who?
  • How do I price it?
  • What documents do I need?
  • What is proof of income?
  • How do I prove my traffic sources?
  • How much analytics data do I make public?

These are important considerations. Contact us today and we can work through them.


Typically you should start the “selling process” long before you need to sell it. This gives you time to get your paperwork in order, most importantly the financials and customer data.

Finding a buyer that won’t steal your idea or “Secret sauce” can be tricky as well. Many business brokers will give out your information without a basic NDA (non-disclosure agreement) which can be very detrimental. That’s why working with an ethical buyer (like Approbo) can save you time and money.


What things does Approbo look for in a business?  Read this to find out

Typically we do not invest in fads, a niche that is maxed out, nothing unique about the business, only competing on prices, no needs for the product/service, businesses less than a year old, websites created with a PBN, or terrible financials.

Contact us to have a quick seller consultation and we walk through your business