Preparing for a sale before-hand makes this process much quicker. The best option is to open a new domain register account for just the business/domain you want to sell. This means a new GoDaddy/NameCheap Account, or a new Google ID/Google Domains Account.

What we typically recommend to sellers is to get a new google email address, then create a new domain holding account just for the business they are selling, and transfer the domain to that account. Then it’s as simple as giving the email/password to the buyer, and they change the payment information and password. Domain transferred! This goes for the hosting provider as well, if the hosting details are in the same account as other web properties, that makes it very difficult to transfer.

The second option is to initiate a domain transfer to the buyer. The buyer should already have a domain holding account, and the seller must unlock the domain in their domain control panel. This can take a few days to process, so make sure to take that into account.

What’s the best way to transfer a domain with little to no downtime? Host the DNS externally. Many businesses don’t understand the complexity that goes into a URL, for instance. The DNS is usually hosted at the web provider, or the domain registrar. Well if you switch web providers to the buyer, the DNS system is going to change (which takes time)  and possibly cause loss of access to the site. Not to mention customers will be connecting to the old site for a few days while DNS propagates across the interwebs.

How to fix that? Well use an external DNS provider that allows for quick changes. is our favorite provider, and you can switch your domain in under a few minutes. Once the buyer has the new site setup, it’s a quick submission to change. If you planned ahead and have the business on its own hosting, then there is no change at all!

So more things to think about when your selling a business.

We do this all the time, so if you need technical help or want to sell your business, contact us today!