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Our goal is to purchase great web based businesses. We can quickly tell you if it is something interesting or point you in the right direction to someone else that can help. We have been in the I.T. and business world for over 20 years and can help with almost anything. Let’s have a quick chat and see what we can help you with.

More Money

Selling a business directly often ends up with more money to the seller (and with flexible options). We don’t charge a commission to a seller since we are direct buyers.


Keep your interest in selling the business private. We don’t blast out your business details to the public.

Easy Transactions

We are professionals and want to have an easy transaction. We can work through any problems that might pop up.

No Hassle Transfers

We are technology enthusiasts and can transfer your business (if you want to sell it) quickly and easily.

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How to transfer a domain name to a buyer

Preparing for a sale before-hand makes this process much quicker. The best option is to open a new domain register account for just the business/domain you want to sell. This means a new GoDaddy/NameCheap Account, or a new Google ID/Google Domains Account. What we...

Is a business that’s less than a year old worth much?

To start with, if your a seller, then the business is going to be worth a great deal more to you than it is to a buyer. This is one of the due diligence points that we look through when purchasing a business (real site age). Finding out the true age of a site can be...

Web Site Due Diligence – where to start?

Doing proper Due Diligence on a web site can be daunting. Don't despair! The more you do this, the quicker and better you get at it. There are tools all over the internet that can drillĀ  into where traffic comes from and what the site has been up to. The main question...

What is an NDA and does it do anything?

--We are not licensed attorneys, so please do not take this as Legal advice. Always consult council before signing anything you are not familiar with and do not completely understand. -- An NDA is abbreviated as a Non Disclosure Agreement. They are typically sent by...